An Exposition of a Poem: ‘A Publicity Whore’ by Rabab Maher, a talented Muslim poetess

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Click here to read in Gujarati “Thank you very much for supporting my views on Yoga. Through which link, I can’t recall, but I did come in contact of a very nice blog of yours. Simplicity, lucidity and emotional approach are the attractive elements of…

Poem ☁ Through the Eyes of a Raven (II)

My late father Maher Abdullah (Allâh Yirĥamu) was amongst those who encouraged me to consider writing poetry seriously instead of merely secreting them away in the lonely confines of folders on my computer.

Through the Eyes of a Raven was the first poem my Dad (Allâh Yirĥamu) constructively criticised, which I wrote in April 2003.

Sadly, he wasn’t able to read the outcome, which never would’ve been possible without his constructive critique and valuable input.