Article ☁ Yoga Helps Me as a Muslim


Wednesday, 29th October 2013 | Tuesday, 13th May 2014


There are four major and crucial points I have to clarify for readers (of my above article) who think yoga may conflict with their religious beliefs, specifically Muslims, with the false assumption they’ll end up practising its mysticism.

The following common yogic practises are to be avoided because they conflict with Islâm ~ the reasons are obvious:

  • The commonly used Namaskara Mudra and bowing;
  • Any of the Mudras: Hand gestures and rituals, which are of Hindu and Buddhist origins;
  • Certain terminologies such as, Namaskār or Namastē, in Sanskrit and their English equivalent;
  • Although there’s credence to the “Third Eye”, which is the Pineal Gland, and its function is vital to our human nature, it’s not to be “thanked” for it has no magical power.
If you eat Italian food, does that make you Italian? Meditation and yoga are what you make of them. Visualise and meditate on those subjects that are relevant to you. The postures are neutral; they are just timeless and proven movements.
~ Dr Peter J. D’Adamo

Wa Allâhu A’lam

My article translated in Gujarati by Valibhai Musa (*^_^*)


  1. Mohtarama, Assalamo Alaykum,

    I liked this Article and request you to grant me permission to translate it into our Gujarati Regional language and allow me to publish it on my Blog.

    With warm regards.

    1. Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salâm (^_^),

      It’s been a long time – it’s nice to “hear” from you again (^_^).

      Please feel free to translate my article – you’ll be doing me a great service and honour (^_^). (For ease of mind, please read my copyright page.)

      Jazâk Allâhu Khairan for your kindness and all your works (^_^).

  2. Great article! Through Valibhai, I came to know about this article.

    I would like to add here that the folded palms posture (namaskara/namaste) is not meant to bow down to Hindu/Buddhist deity. After all days of work, just folding the palms near the centre of the front ribcage is to feel your experience 🙂

    Again, a very balanced article.

    Take care.

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