A Veiled Chick’s Outburst 05 ☁ Julia Boutros ~ What a Sad Shame



AVeiledAngryPalestinianChibiChick-by-RababMaherA Veiled Chick’s Outbursts comprise short and long articles, poetry and artwork, of a more personal nature about my experiences or issues that exasperate me be it something I heard, read, watched, witnessed or observed. It’s my way of letting off some steam, my incensed breathings (*^_^*).



June 2014 + August 2014


  1. Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatuhu.

    Ah, habibty, through the years I’ve felt the urge to rant a few times myself (smile), and not to discredit your fruatrations in the least, but this recording artist, habibty, is tied also to a contract with her producers. She is not functioning, I would presume, as an independent operator. It could very well be likely that she has strong feelings about some of the issues you point out she has appeared to neglect; but she could also be fighting with management to be allowed to vocalize even what you have noted of her achievements. She may very well be forced to compromise with management regarding what they will permit her to promote. Of course, neither of us can know for sure; it’s just another viewpoint that came to my mind. Hugs

    With dua.

    Wa’Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatuhu & my duas for a Blessed Eid to you and your family.


    1. Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salâm wa Raĥmatullāhi wa Barakâtuhu Aishah (^_^)

      It’s nice to “hear” from you (^_^).

      I understand what you’re saying but those who choose to voice their thoughts in public against tyranny open themselves up to scrutiny. I’ve watched/listened to enough of her interviews/speeches throughout the years and she exemplifies the classic Arab mentality (unfortunately) when it comes to the topics I addressed in my outburst. By the way, her ways are typical of some Lebanese singers who go on and on about the Lebanese army, sing and talk about Palestine when it’s onscreen, etc.

      Besides, in times of crises, is where one’s true stance comes out and principles are tested especially public figures who choose to speak up. (For example, Fadl Shaker – also a Lebanese singer – spoke out valiantly against the tyrant Assad and criticised the silence of the Arabs and so on.) The brave and cowardly (whatever their reasons) stand out during difficult times!

    2. I have to add, if Julia and others care about Palestinians, why are the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon neglected and live in DIRE conditions?

      It’s common for people to rant on about Palestinian-suffering as long as they’re in Palestine and the enemy is “Israel” but they neglect the refugees close to home or others who are also responsible for what’s happening in Palestine and to Palestinians.

      When Hezbollah destroyed “Israel’s” presence in Lebanon, she organised concerts with the proceeds going to the Lebanese families of Hezbollah fighters, soldiers and civilians who lost members during the 2006 war. Why can’t she do the same for the Palestinian refugees who “live” in the land she so loves to make their lives less intolerable or at least speak about their living conditions?

      Is Lebanese life more valuable?

      I can’t stand this kind of mentality.

      Living in the UAE could be one reason for her ways but not a justification.

      I wish she wasn’t like this but alas . . .


  2. As-Salamu Aleikum Dear Rabab,

    I didn’t know anything about this woman. Then I Googled her and came to know about her a little bit.

    She really doesn’t interest me in any way. I checked her out because when you write about something it’s always been pretty serious. What I understand from your article is she spoke up against some oppression and she kept silence about the same kind of oppression when it came to her country.

    Another thing I figured out from your writing is you once respected her actions and now because of her recent actions she deeply disappoints you. (Excuse me if I got the whole thing wrong.)

    I guess nowadays, this is common. I mean people who speak up against any sort of injustice but then all of a sudden keep silent without any explanation. I witness the same sort of cases in my country too.

    But then I also get the luck to meet people like you: People who really have a strong and concise voice, soul and guts to speak out and speak the truth. And that gives me hope.

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