A Veiled Chick’s Outburst 04 ☁ A Few Steps Too Far in Artistic Expression



A Veiled Chick’s Outbursts comprise short and long articles, poetry and artwork, of a more personal nature about my experiences or issues that exasperate me be it something I heard, read, watched, witnessed or observed. It’s my way of letting off some steam, my incensed breathings (*^_^*).



Wednesday, 17th April 2013


  1. First time I started to wear hijab I was 18 and that was because everyone else around me wore it, I did that for “one day only” lelasef and couldn’t continue. Second and last time was four years after the first time, I was older and I felt ready as it is a commitment to God and I was prepared and actually happy to take that move, I’m one of those who believe it is fard (obligation) but at one time I couldn’t fulfill that fard and it was a burden but when I was ready I did Alhamdillah.

    Still, I’m struggling between how I dress to match my hijab and my commitment to Allah and still be “happy” with how I look when I go out. However, we have majority of women and young girls wearing hijab but I think if we raise a question like ‘why do you wear it?’ Or ‘what hijab represents to you?’ We will find lots of “interesting” answers.

    Thanks Rabab for the article.

    1. As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum Lovely Shaimaa (^_^),

      The biggest (and laziest) mistake Muslims continuously make is associating the hijâb with the headscarf/head piece – which is one of the reasons why it’s not being practised. The first fundamental, foundational and crucial element to understanding what the hijâb actually means is to understand what it entails.

      Jazâki Allâhu Khairan for your honest comment Shaimaa (^_^).

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