A Veiled Chick’s Outburst 03 ☁ Insulting Our Intelligence ~ Assaulting Our Senses



A Veiled Chick’s Outbursts comprise short and long articles, poetry and artwork, of a more personal nature about my experiences or issues that exasperate me be it something I heard, read, watched, witnessed or observed. It’s my way of letting off some steam, my incensed breathings (*^_^*).


Tuesday, 4th April 2013
Doha, Qatar


  1. What is important is to spend time with human beings, to show empathy and achieve knowledge to make the Earth a good place to live on for all of mankind.

  2. I quite agree with your post. I find most programs a waste of time, energy and brain power. It degrades your brain to waste it on such activity. Unfortunately that seems to be what gets more ratings. Sadly a commentary on the degradation of society anymore.


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