Article ☁ Syria Drowning ~ The Oppressed become Beasts


Wednesday, 22nd May 2013

شعبٌ وثورةٌ ونَصرٌ

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  1. Please do not assume evil intent is the reason for US hesitancy to enter the war in Syria. We’ve been trying to end the awful conflict started by our previous leader, that we all vehemently oppose, do not want to repeat, and so feel we have no business entering militarily into a new war.

    We’ve sent weaponry to the rebels, but we have to be careful lest they fall into the wrong hands (which is always a possibility with the FSA being disorganized on the ground [as is evident by your post of this man who is not fighting for the real cause of Syrian freedom like the main branch of the FSA]); and we must be careful because of a tense relationship with Russia, which is on the side of Assad. If we were to enter militarily, it could spark an armed conflict with Russia thereby extending the war, and creating exponentially more death and destruction.

    The American public actually wishes that any aid we send is purely humanitarian, for we feel that arming any side just prolongs the violence. However, we accept the Syrian people are under attack, and need to defend themselves. We’ve also been trying to negotiate and maintain a no-fly zone to prevent Assad from simply wiping out the Syrian people with massive amounts of air power.

    The US very much supports the people of Syria, supports a free Syria. We do not wish to colonize or spread our brand of democracy; we just believe the rebels deserve a fair fight. The Syrian people will decide what kind of Syria they want (many support returning to a previous state of transparency, education, open communication, and total freedom of religion for all), and the American people want to see them get it.

    We are tired of war, tired of death; we are tired of our bad leaders that perpetuate it for profit. Do not believe the tiny bits of ridiculousness you see in the media about us. They do not represent the heart of the American people, just as this man does not represent the heart of the Syrian people.

    Thank you for your informative, well-written, and balanced post.

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