Book Review ☁ Media Control

The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda


Unmasking the methods of indoctrination and exposing the mendacious, hypocritical and duplicitous ways of the US government and media under the guise of autonomy, democracy and egalitarianism.


Genre: Social Sciences / Communication Studies / Media Studies | Publisher: Seven Stores Press / An Open Media Book | Publication Year: 2002 | Edition: Paperback, Second | Pages: 107


Wednesday, 15th May 2013


  1. The U.S. government is no Angel. Even my law professor said, Do not trust the government (U.S.) and he was an assistant district attorney in state court or superior court as it’s called in California. I think the media tries to do a good job in reporting world events. It can improve.

  2. An interesting review of an author I was aware of, but sadly never read. You have prompted me to rectify that misdemeanour.


    PS. I sympathise with your thoughts on the lack of bookshops in this area. I find it rather incongruous that there is a dearth of bookshops in an area desperate to educate its people.

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