Book Review ☁ The Weight of a Mustard Seed

Life Under Saddam’s Shadow


Why are decent people willing to serve under a totalitarian regime?

Wendell Steavenson goes in search for answers to her questions in attempt to understand better the reasons. Set on the trail of an Iraqi general, Kamel Sachet, she discovers the heavy price one pays working under the shadow of a dictatorship.



Genre: Biographical Memoir / History | Publisher: Atlantic Books | Publication Year: 2009 | Edition: Hardback | Pages: 305


Saturday, 1st August 2009


  1. Your book review made me think, ‘I’d like to read this book’, and that’s what a good book review should do, isn’t it? I think this must be an important book to read.

  2. I enjoyed this review. I love the premise of a mustard seed. I take mine from the Holy Scriptures where God speaks of faith as a mustard seed. It is a powerful reminder in whatever form it comes.


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